MAY 18, 1993

I wrote this for Whoopi and handed it to her at a union rally
in Burbank, California

I see you Whoopi
Starlight in your eyes
Swelling up on your cheeks
A devilish angel riding a bareback horse
Passing Helen of Troy
On the track
I see you Whoopi
The color of earth, the richest seed
A birth mother in time
I see you Whoopi with a child’s heart
A soldier’s courage
And a brilliant mind
My sister friends who come in all shades
We’re talking about you today
Saying we’re glad you came
And blessed you stayed.🕊


Link: https://youtu.be/un1c_L5Y2yE

Check out the exclusive world premiere of “Keeps Me Alive”, Wynonna Judd’s first music video in 14 years. Along with her band, The Big Noise, this special project also features American guitarist Derek Trucks. The visually compelling video was shot at the historic Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and directed by Todd Cassetty of HiFi Fusion.

A Break in the Clouds aka – THE BEAR

The Bear

He’s the Archer and the Arrow…I bend to be the Bow…We match

He’s the Bear and the Claw…I’m the Honey and the Bee…We match

He’s the Iron and the Steel… I’m the Putty and the Spread…We match

He’s all the Locks… I’m the Key…We match

He’s the Fire and the Ice…I’m the Rain and the Snow…We match

He’s all Sound and all Words…I’m His secret and His Place

He’s my Bones…I’m his Heart

He lives for me…I died for him…We Match

We walk to separate roads to get to the New Jerusalem 
Where the Wall of Jericho will come tumbling down
Where I get my crown…but I won’t care if he’s not there

How could he know that I love him so , I never even knew…

This love I sought not… Has Consumed Me
It’s God Himself, Loving for three…Coming from inside of me.


April 17, 1985

emilies cove fro blog

They wanted to know how I felt about him…this April this May…well I thought about it, I searched my mind’s eye, and asked my heart, for there was the Truth…I let them know…I told them, I feel reverence about him…I want to kiss the center of his palm…I want to touch it to my forehead and leave it there…more than anything, I want to enjoy his respect in this life.

I want him to love me, like he loves his organs…I wish I could be one of them…That’s how I feel about him… I would have wanted to be his mother, I would have wanted to be his father, I wish I was the one to have had all his babies, I wish I could have been every wife he’s ever had. I want to be the last one he has now…I want to lick his feet and suck his toes, but I would want him to love me like he loves his organs, and put no one before me.

I’ve seen him quite a bit lately…he never sees me.

He stole a kiss from me years ago, I wish I could steal it back, but I would take much more. He would go puff like the magic dragon and disappear inside of me and be happy forever, because I’m sweet and good inside, because I’m soft and hard inside, because all the rough edges are gone and nothing would be too much to do for him… He would be happy…and he would come into the final reasons of his life…then go to be with God…but before he left to go be with our {Father} he would have years and years of songs and dances, hope and prayers, of things changing and new things beginning…He would taste my tears and cry remembering…He would cry when loving, he would scream in joy and have guilt for nothing…and he would know, that he knows,…….THAT HE KNOWS….and he would be happy until he no longer lived on this earth…And then he would be happier….He would be finished with his work and his presence alone would have justified my well-being.

He’s never hurt me, and that’s a good start…not to say he never will (he’s human)…but he never has…I guess he would have years ago but I never gave him the chance… I loved him right away from the first day I met him, I never told him, I never told anybody…I pushed it away, inside of me, until even I forgot and put others in his place, but all the others are all gone and he’s more visible everyday….I’m looking forward to seeing Him on TV Friday morning, to hear him talk, to hear what he has to say. It’s been at least twelve years since I have heard his voice, but I want to hear him talk about things other people bore with…his children, his animals, his parents.  I knew his father, his father liked me, but worried about me. Now I know why…I didn’t then, I do now…THAT WAS YEARS AGO.🕊


This happened in the summer of June 1993.

THE BOARD GAME 🕎✝️☪️☯️☮️
I have watched them come
I have watched them go
They never stay, they come to play—to get on The Board–to get in the Game… Entered in by a Sponsor, for the {SHAKER} and the mover, {The Creator} of The Board… They’re the Players and the Paid.

They seek knowledge from my secret place; they are being used. They’re {His} tool.
So I give a grin and let them in—I always do— I want something too… I want to play the game…I want his last name. The man at the top who runs the show, the one I can’t let go. So I pretend and let them in— to take a peek and see what they can see. Now they are on The Board, they are keeping score, selling bits and pieces of me…what did it matter I was in control – or-so I thought. So,when this thing started I thought it was fun…since I had to run. I couldn’t stay, so why not play….I lost the first round, I fell in love with the first one…and that Player didn’t even care—-he went off and made a movie somewhere. (That was all my fault)…I should have just walked and not tried to replace Sacred Space…the fall-out from that turned me into a doormat…but a lesson well learned. I know this fact, a kiss isn’t just a kiss and no kiss ever came, that could replace the one with his name. Stolen in his bedroom, behind his closet door. 

And now I can’t move, I’m frozen in time.  I lost all my friends, they wound up on The Board. They wanted to play and I wanted to stay close to Him. The Creator of the Game, the drafter of The Board.

I lost control when I gave up my soul, so {God} stepped in…things changed, it became a different game…and only {God} could win….and I didn’t care about my welfare…but I still wanted {Him}, now I can’t describe this feeling inside…sometimes I feel {Him} way down in.

Are you getting the picture, is it coming clear? Cause I’ve been slammed dunked going on twenty years.

I guess your wondering who’s on The Board today…what does it matter, they won’t stay, more importantly…I won’t play. But there is this fact…and it’s quite clear…I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll never again try to replace {His} Sacred Space.