My Soul’s Love Letters
January 1990 

In the beginning…of the end of the 20th Century

Beloved Father…Sweet Benefactor

My…Precious Lord…ultimate Comforter…

You have reached me…And I am eternally grateful…and on my

knees in your service until my body becomes dust…and I am in

Heaven at your side forever more.

My poor lost Soul was always in search for You…In search of

its true Self…its true home…its actual birth place….

And I in the flesh held it back…I alone have been responsible for our pain…

my Soul…and My own flesh…

Thank You for forgiving me…Thank You for becoming a Man

for me…my tears are sweet

What started out to be painful obedience…has become my

blessed peaceful prize…and I know…that I know…that I know

Dearest Father I can hear my Soul laughing, I can see its smile…

Your work on the Cross…Your precious gift…Is accepted with

profound Gratitude…and the knowledge of the unworthiness of…

My Soul’s-Self

Saved by your grace alone, with the understand of its required OBEDIENCE! Which has become my precious peaceful prize, and the climaxing of the communion of my soul.

I am submitted and at peace in splendid gratitude.

Beloved Father, Thnk You for the Man Angle You Sent to Me.

And for the lessons I thought too hard, and for the Prince we have of Peace, Who left the Ghost to Comfort me.

My Love is You my Lord.


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