A Letter from Dawn, on Mother’s Day

Dawn head shot

I realize that you have been on the receiving end of a lot of

criticism from me so on this day; I wanted to say, Happy

Mother’s Day Mother.  I wish to say thank you for the gift

of life you gave me 37 years ago.  I thank you for deciding

to go it alone instead of having the wrong man in my life.  I

thank you for your perseverance in raising me with no

financial help from said man; I know how difficult it was

for you.  I thank you for keeping me safe as possible despite

the obstacles we faced.  I thank you for teaching me

manners and what it means to be a woman of integrity.  I

thank you for always complimenting me on my views and

ideas and most (well, a lot) of the choices I have made in my

life.  I thank you for helping to build my self confidence and

for always saying you love me no matter what.  I thank

you for making sure I had a relationship with

my father’s family.

I want to say thank you for always telling me what a good

mother I am.

I want to say thank you most of all for acknowledging my

feelings and understanding why I have them and for

realizing that words have power.

I want you to know how much you matter and

that I love you

Your Daughter



The Circus to South Africa Written for J. Stanley Sanders (years ago)

South Africa

While we were at the circus making smiling faces

You were in South Africa bandaging the races

While we were at the circus playing Auntie and being mom

You were in South Africa cooling down war drums

While we were at the circus seeing fanfare

You were in South Africa showing that you cared

While we were at the circus eating cotton candy and things

You were in South Africa planning new beginnings

Therefore I made you this plate, to remind you of the fate

you’re trying to create in a different place.  And it is as simple

as a smiling face at the circus

However, do not think that I don’t know that the elephants

cannot dance,  the ponies cannot prance

and the clowns cannot play.

As long as people cry and die in South Africa

My Soul’s Love Letters
January 1990 

In the beginning…of the end of the 20th Century

Beloved Father…Sweet Benefactor

My…Precious Lord…ultimate Comforter…

You have reached me…And I am eternally grateful…and on my

knees in your service until my body becomes dust…and I am in

Heaven at your side forever more.

My poor lost Soul was always in search for You…In search of

its true Self…its true home…its actual birth place….

And I in the flesh held it back…I alone have been responsible for our pain…

my Soul…and My own flesh…

Thank You for forgiving me…Thank You for becoming a Man

for me…my tears are sweet

What started out to be painful obedience…has become my

blessed peaceful prize…and I know…that I know…that I know

Dearest Father I can hear my Soul laughing, I can see its smile…

Your work on the Cross…Your precious gift…Is accepted with

profound Gratitude…and the knowledge of the unworthiness of…

My Soul’s-Self

Saved by your grace alone, with the understand of its required OBEDIENCE! Which has become my precious peaceful prize, and the climaxing of the communion of my soul.

I am submitted and at peace in splendid gratitude.

Beloved Father, Thnk You for the Man Angle You Sent to Me.

And for the lessons I thought too hard, and for the Prince we have of Peace, Who left the Ghost to Comfort me.

My Love is You my Lord.


I got a Tongue lashing🕊 
 Who are they…
They are the stealers of innocents…
Who are they
They’re the conquistadors of joy
Who are they…
The gamers, and the bettors…betting
on your life
Who are they
The pantie takers the dark clouds and
evil shadows hiding beneath the skin of
pretty men
Who are you
A Fool with misplaced faith and very…
bad judgment
Who are you
Someone with a need to be…looking in…
the wrong place.
Who are you…
You’re the one giving it up on a 
chance and a promise…instead of the
real thing…you are 
It’s his job to get you-he’s doing his job
and now you want to blame him…
Because you didn’t listen to Me🕊
Who are you, you are a woman…
 you’re…THE FOOL

Sleeping with the Unrighteous…

That pain you’re feeling is His love for you…
Your are the Bet… A Done Deal…made a
long time ago…
A car that jumped the track…
That pain you’re feeling is the…
I’m the HOLY and that GHOST
You used to know…
That self-assuredness you used to have…
I’m that feeling of goodness you used 
to rely on…
I’m as close to God as you can get and still be in the flesh.
And who are you…
You are the fool who gave it all away on a bet…
Made a long time ago…
You’re Eve’s sister, taking the baton riding
the track… going the wrong way…
Away from the Light straight into the pain
that you created for yourself… and now 
you want to blame him, a nothing, a
nobody the Godless and the evil…
for doing his job on a bet, a DONE DEAL…made a long time ago…
Well I blame you, as well as you should blame yourself for throwing Me away for a promise and a dream…
When you had Me, the real thing…
Never ever leave you…Never ever betray you…Always back you up…
And always…ALWAYS saves your soul…
But you sold your soul to Him…gave up the deed and took a promissory note that only pays off in hell…
and you want to blame Him, the Son of Darkness…blame yourself…
you made the choice
A gift given to you a long time ago… by the same power that gave Me to you
You had a choice…and you choose Him
The Father of lust…
The birther of greed…
You could have Me…
You could have a smile in your heart right now..
instead of that grinding pain you’re feeling now…
You’re buzzard meat… He’s left you for His friends… He’s a
Dumper, going after your sister, your
Mother, your friend, 
They have been warned, will they listen…Or will they wind up like you🕊
You could help save them…You could save yourself… with the other gifts left for you
One’s a Book, a very powerful book the most powerful book in all of the worlds. It holds all
the secrets, all the days of Mankind, present, past and future…
It’s called the Bible the Holy Bible…
Holy because it came from the same place I did and sent by the same as me…
The other gift is a man…A good man, a Different kind of a man…
A man that was so good and so full of love that He died in order to give you..
I Am The Ghost… The Holy Ghost🕊
I was your best Friend, 
remember, I warned you about things…
I kept talking to you in
your ear, I was in your mind warning you of evil and the danger of things to come…
I know you miss me…I’ll come back…
I’ll use my light and I will overcome that darkness and that evil
that makes you cry…but it’s your choice… you can pick up your gift of the Holy Bible…
and read it…It’s your Choice…
You can pick up your gift of the Holy Bible and read it, and in it you will find the…
Christ Man…
the one who died for you. He will lead you to other good men and women
and I🕊 will be with you like before but better now because you know who We are…What Our Love is…
A DONE DEAL…made a long time ago…We will lead the way…
 We will pull you up from the mud and the darkness into the LIGHT…
You can save yourself, your sister, your mother and child…
you can have back your peace…
you can stop being
blaming others
for your foolishness and the pain you created for yourself…
You’re FREE and I Am here giving you the keys…
It is your choice…
A DONE DEAL..made a long time ago

Very Raw – Berries Prepared Raw


June 19, 1993


My Bounded
My love 
My prepared for
The desire in my heart

My devotion too
My lived life
      The first and last truth of myself

Take your mark
 Then take me
I’ve been made

Wanting for nothing new to begin
For all that is worth life, is with you 
and I’m ready to be your womb

For you are the man within me
 I’m well done and raw at the same time

Blood that made me
I am your perfect weapon 
for NOTHING EXISTS that I would not do for you

The Music


Where is the Angel that came to me that night?
The trouble with reality is that its moments run out and need to be refilled
like a pen out of ink.

However, the music quenches 
even without the new words.

Feeling… it will have to do.

While waiting for the favor to change

and become a